Beware of the Sexy Mannequin..

when shopping online for clothing always be sure to see if you can find the same item at another shop instead of buying something you see and automatically think is hot… the designers whole job is to make the clothes look as appealing as possible. BUT other stores that care the same thing just throw it on a dumb just to take the pic. here’s a few examples… this is a uncentered zipper blazer i’ve been watching, see how it just fits perfectly! very nice…

found the SAME jacket on ebay… look at it.. just draped on… not scrunched up to accent the slim fit or anything.. still a nice look but it seems to look more like a coat in that pic than a blazer in the first pic…

another example…the coveted double layer vest thats getting reblogged a million(better yet a bigga # a gillyun) times…

very nice i know…you guys wont stop talking about it… but i wonder would have got as many reblogs if i had posted this one..

same vest… different look… almost makes me not want to get it. the second mannequin looks like he should be in the sequel to roadhouse… i saw someone comment saying the mannequin was chisel to have the vest hug just right. which is a very good observation. the point is tailored outfits are ALWAYS best. so know yours measurements and get what fits right AND NOT WHAT FITS A DUMMY 

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    actually they just clip the excess fabric back. Walk into an EXPRESS for MEN or H&M and notice they use paper clamps or...
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